05 June 2009

Happy Donut Day!!!

If you haven't heard yet, today is National Donut Day!!!

Unfortunately I was not prepared, and I don't think I will be able to make donuts today. But don't worry, I'll eat some.....don't you worry about that.

But now I must show you something that makes even me cringe. This picture was actually taken from another blog Dunkin Cooking, but I couldn't resist. This is a recipe by Paula Dean (who else). Just take a look:

What you see here are a pair of 1/2lb burgers with a fried egg and 2 strips of bacon sandwiched between 2 krispy kreme doughnuts.

I am going to have to make these.



  1. I truly think that is the nastiest thing I've ever seen. However, I think that Malcolm would give it a try...you should cook it up and test it out on him. :-)

  2. Please wait to make this for Malcolm until I send in the check to keep current with his life insurance policy. That picture is what a heart attack looks like! -Cyndi

    The word verification is "comed": As in the comedical payment we will have to make for the heart attack.

  3. The word is in: This is the official breakfast on thanksgiving. Get ready!