07 June 2009

Llama Love

If you didn't know, I love llamas. And I love alpacas. They are just so lovable.

I found out Friday about the Maine Fiber Frolic. It totally made my day at work when I found out. If you work with me then you know how excited I was. And I know you were rolling your eyes. Anywho, this fair had fibrous animals such as sheep, goat, angora rabbits, LLAMAS, and ALPACAS. So of course I went. It wasn't as large as I thought it was, but I was still a happy girl, getting to watch the sheep dog performances, hold a baby goat, pet the biggest angora rabbit I've ever seen, pet llamas and alpacas, and get this....I watched the llama parade. That's right, the llama parade. They dressed these poor llamas up as: a clown, a ladybug, a devil, and a garden. The parade consisted of 4 llamas in costume walking through the fairgrounds with a trail of small children with noisemakers. It wasn't that impressive...at all... But I still liked it.

(I apologize for the blurry photos. I didn't realize that there was a smudge on my lens until I got home. Figures.)

Here is a picture of 3 baby alpacas. Aren't they adorable? Don't you want to convince my parents to get a pair of them? They just laid there watching me, they were so quiet and peaceful and bald.

hello mr. alpaca

i liked him, i tried to take him home, but they stopped me.

i was petting this little guy for so long, he fell asleep standing up...i liked him...

here is the devil, behind him is the ladybug. you can't tell, but the ladybug was even wearing antennas.

last but not least, the clown.
Did you notice in that last picture, the lady in the blue shirt was so happy. I guess I would be too if I was walking a wig wearing llama on a leash. But then check out the other chick. She totally loves that llama because they are wearing the same shirt. Woah....Trippy...

Mom? Dad? Don't you think you should get llamas or alpacas? You can even dress them up and put them in a parade!

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