01 November 2009

Two Brothers Tavern: Love Letter & Review

bottoms up
Dear Beer,
I have missed your hoppy goodness. It has been too long since we were last together. Although I have been away, you should know that I have not strayed, you are still my favorite beverage, and you will always be. I have learned that, yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder. When I sat at the beautifully carved wooden bar for the first time in months, amongst the pint glasses and delicious appetizers, I gazed at the array of local tap handles. I sat, ruminating my choices. I chose, and I chose wisely. I clinked my pint against my comrades glass, propped my crippled leg up on the stool next to me, sat back, and enjoyed our 16 fluid ounce reunion. Then I ordered another one.
Love Always and Forever,
crab stuffed salmon, smothered in a hollandaise sauce,
a side of garlic/cheddar/chive smashed potatoes,
and sauteed turnips,potatoes & yams
Regarding restaurants and bars, it's nice to have 'your place'. You know, the place you can rely on for a good meal, a cold beer, and a cozy setting? A place you can count on to bring your friends from out of town? A place where everyone knows your name?

For a while I lived in Hallowell, Maine. More specifically, 3 blocks from The Liberal Cup. The Cup was my place. The Cup was everyone's place.

Now I live in Western Vermont. And I have found my place. It's called Two Brothers Tavern. They don't brew their own beer, but I'll forgive them because they have a large rotating selection of local brews (and not so local brews). Granted, I don't go there often, but I like it there. It's got that cozy 'pub' feel, friendly bartenders, games (connect four!), and a seperate bar downstairs for live music most of the week.

This summer I strolled in for a beer on an exceptionally hot day, treating myself for a day of 'job hunting'. Being only my second time there, I was surprised when I was greeted with a "Hey Kacey, how's it going?". It's just that type of place. And it's mine.

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  1. You have not strayed??? Oh, paleeeeze!! I know you've been guzzling one cheap bottle of wine after another - anything with a cool looking label.

    I know you're fickle. Watch out, men of Vermont!