08 February 2010

Kacey's Kitchen, Aid

Isn't it beautiful in all of its glossy cinnamon glory?!!?!?
I've wanted one for years but put it off because 1)Lack of space 2)I'm pretty sure the wiring in my old apartment wouldn't be able to handle the brute strength of a KitchenAid and 3)I was able to get by, well enough, with my $15 hand mixer.

But when I arrived at the new sunshine state apartment and found this baby waiting for me, hiding in one of the many kitchen cabinets I now have, I was in shock. And amazed! And excited! I opened the cabinet, saw the KitchenAid box, immediately closed the cabinet, looked up and said, "What IS THAT!!???", then peeked back into the cabinet carefully. As if I didn't know what it was. As if something dangerous was in there. It's just something I do. Sometimes I can't explain myself.

I may have been jumping up and down a bit, or at least wiggling around as I dragged the 20 something pound box onto the floor and over the the couch to tear it open and free the stand mixer from it's claustrophobic boxed life and put it where it belongs. In my kitchen.

It may have even been a while before I thanked Aaron, I'm not sure, sorry about that. I was too busy staring at the stand mixer plotting out all of it's jobs I've imagined it doing over the years. Ooooo.....I'm so excited!!!!



  1. This is the most beautiful piece of machinery I've seen in a long time. . .
    jealousy reigns supreme

  2. That is a lovely valentine. -Cyndi