07 May 2010

Goose Egg vs. Chicken Egg

So I was browsing through the farmer's market the other day and this abnormally large egg caught my eye. How could it not, it was huge sitting among all of the tiny chicken eggs. So of course I bought a couple. Being only 2 for $1, it was much more affordable than the $30 Ostrich egg I debated buying at Whole Foods in San Fran last year. Thinking back on it occasionally, I should have. So for now, the comparison of a chicken and goose egg will have to do.

Asides from being almost triple the size of a large chicken egg, the shell was remarkably thicker. Take a look:
I had to smash it on the corner of the counter a couple of times before it would crack. I attempted to make a sunny side up egg to show you the difference, but I ended up breaking the yolk somehow, which really surprised me because of how thick the white and yolk were. The consistency of the goose egg was almost jello-like, extremely thick and a little cloudy. After frying up for a few minutes, the egg tasted a little different, a little dry, and slightly rubbery, which I sort of expected by how thick it was going into the pan.

I probably won't purchase goose eggs in the future, they were fun as a little novelty food item, and to be honest, I pretty much bought them just to blog about.

Was it a waste to buy? No. Not for 50 cents each. Plus, they might be fun to have around when you have guests over and start pulling them out to make breakfast or something.

Maybe one day I'll get that ostrich egg...

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