24 January 2011

Reader Request Monday's - Leave Your Request!

Yet another Monday goes by where I post my request recipes, but fail to ask you what you would like to see here next week.

I keep un-used prior weeks suggestions in mind, but I am always willing to take on more. What will happen is this. You will suggest a recipe/product/technique/story idea to me in the comments of this post. Over the week I will create one of your suggestions, blogging about it the up coming Monday. And then we will do it all over again!

So, leave me a comment below on what you would like to see next Monday on Kacey's Kitchen!

Last weeks request was something healthy. Because one of my readers is on a diet! Which leaves me to wonder...how the heck do you tolerate reading my blog...while your on a diet?!?!? Well, I guess this weeks post is for your my dear friend - Salmon with Lemon and Dill.


  1. hmm... do you have any ice cream recipoes? My roommate got an ice cream maker and I havent found a recipe we LOVE yet!

  2. Bummer, I don't have any ice cream recipes. I don't have any sort of official ice cream maker. Can you make it without? Maybe I'll have to get one of those special bowls for my Kitchen Aid.

    I love ice cream though. We've started this new thing where we eat strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup with mini marshmallows....mmmm...

  3. I would love to see ideas on veggies. Ways the kids might like to eat them. I don't mean hiding them in things, though I am certainly not above that subterfuge. Just different seasonings, or roastings, or dips, or just something you have a genius idea about. The one stipulation is ingredients can't include dairy due to JoB's allergy. -Cyndi

  4. No cheese?!?! That goes under a whole different category here at Kacey's Kitchen - Dinner Impossible: Cheese Free Edition.

    I'll think of something good. It might not be this week, but I'll get something out for you!

    In the meantime, you could always lock the children in a closet with only water and vegetables. Just don't let them out until they eat them all.


  5. I KNOW! The no cheese thing kills me with the veggies. That is the go to way of getting kids to eat them. That is the reason I had to come to the kitchen guru to get some ideas. "Help us Obi-Wan. You are our only hope." -Cyndi

  6. Much confusion you have brought me. Many thoughts I will create. Dairy free veggies I will make!