12 May 2012

New Blog & Amazing News!!!

I'd like to introduce you to my new blog, Where in the World is Kacey?

Kacey's Kitchen is still going to stay and remain active, so be sure and stay here and check back often (or subscribe here).  I wanted to create a new place to share the things that go on outside of my kitchen and fooding adventures.  This new blog was prompted by some totally amazing news we received a few months ago.

If the image above wasn't enough for you to guess what this might involve, I'll give you a few guesses.
  1. It does not, not, NOT involve adding additional members to our family.  I am still proudly allergic to all things children.
  2. Rosetta Stone and Samurai movies have become a staple in our house.
Wanna know what's going on?  Check out Where in the World is Kacey.  While you're there, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any updates!

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