19 June 2012

Cooking Club: Meeting 1

A few weeks ago, a bunch of gals and I were talking about cooking, learning how to cook, and yadda, yadda, yadda.  A lot of them like to cook, but mentioned that they don't really know how, or have the confidence in the kitchen to veer off the recipe.  It hit me....I need to have a cooking club!!!!  So Kacey's Kitchen Cooking Club met for the first time at my house last week.
I planned a Mediterranean feast to include: homemade pita breads, tabouli, tzatziki sauce, garlic hummus, and chicken gyros.  I then printed out each recipe on a nice sturdy paper for each chef to bring home!  Everyone came over around 6:30pm to cook, so there were a few things I needed to start earlier in the day.  Like pita bread dough!
Mixin', Mixin', Mixin'!!!  Making a mess and mixin'!!!
Melissa brought over some delicious juice, and we all got to work!  Below is Aretha chopping up some parsley and mint for the tabouli.
Garlic, garlic, and more garlic!!! It's a good thing we all love it!
Melissa's pita dough took over the counters!
It's a tiny space, but I think we all worked great together.  Check out that wall paper, oh yeah baby! Rental walls!
There's Tina's pretty little hands slicing and dicing!
And voila!  It's all done! We all sat down to eat, and had tons of fun talking and shoving our faces with tons of food.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we had tons of fun.  The biggest challenge for me was sharing my kitchen.  I don't ever have to share, and I often find difficulty in delegating without being demanding or intimidating.  I felt like it was really easy to cook with these gals, and I loved that everyone just took charge and taste-tested and dove right in!  I hope I wasn't overbearing, I felt like I did a decent job at hosting something like this, and I had tons of fun. (I said that already, right?)  I would love to do another one!!!  Hopefully cooking club continues!!!
I almost forgot to take a picture of these!  Aretha made lemon bars, which we were too full to enjoy that night, so everyone went home with some.  Personally, I ate mine for breakfast and I can't recall if I shared with Aaron (whoops!).  They were freaking good.
We had tons of food, so I was happy everyone wanted to take home a doggy bag.  Hopefully the recipes will be made again!  It was super awesome to have a girls date at my house.  Aaron offered to leave the house for the night (I never ONCE said anything hinting that he should leave), and I begged him to stay, but he insisted.  I felt awful he felt as though he needed to leave, but it ended up being a lot of fun to just have some girlfriends over. We tried to get the guys to come over to eat, but I think all our dudes wanted some alone time to themselves and to give us ladies a night out together.  Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed the leftovers!!!

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