04 December 2012

Menu Planning December 3, 2012

Didn't we just do this?  Seems like it, but like I said, I love menu planning.  I've also been really enjoying the fact that Aaron has been participating more in menu planning.  Usually before it was me asking how things sounded, and I got a response similar to "that's fine" or "you know I'll eat anything".

Yes, I know you'll eat anything, but I don't want to cook just 'anything' I want to cook something good and memorable.  The past few months though, he's actually been sitting down with me in the kitchen with my folder of recipes and going through the food we have on hand to come up with some recipes.  It's been fun, and I've really enjoyed having him enjoy one of my hobbies, and he's come up with some great ideas for meals I never really thought to make.  Points for the husband!

Tues - White Bean Soup with Grilled Sausages (Everyday Food) Using up a bunch of beans!
Weds Orecchiette with Scallops and Peas served with salad and bread (never got around to making this last week)

Thurs - Volunteering, no dinner
Fri - Drunken Noodle (Elly Says Opa) and Shumai One of my favorite dishes ever, always on rotation.
Sat - Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese (My dear friend Brianne from Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen)
Sun - Lentil & Rice Tacos (Imperfect Homemaking) Currently our favorite way to eat lentils.  We add lots of mushrooms and onions, served in a soft tortilla with fresh spinach and greek yogurt.
Mon - Chicken & Bulgar Pilaf Need to use up a crazy amount of bulgar
Tues - Egg Drop Soup with Soba Noodles My way of utilizing that package of soba noodles.
Weds - No Dinner - Kacey Away
Thurs - No Dinner - Kacey Away
Fri - No Dinner - Kacey Away
Sat - Red Beans & Rice Best way to use up our bean & rice supply.
Sun - Shrimp with Pasta 
Mon - Kielbasa with Sauerkraut I don't know what else to use with sauerkraut.  Suggestions are welcome.

Seriously, I don't know what else to do with sauerkraut.  Any ideas?  What's on your menu?

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