28 April 2009

Peace, Love, Icecream, and BellyAches

Let's rewind to this past fall, during my 25th birthday. I like my birthday, and I like to do things for my birthday. Everyone should like their birthdays, it's just the way it should be.

This year I spent my birthday weekend with my best friends, parents, sister, and her friends. Instead of asking for my favorite cake (or pie), I requested that we go to the Ben & Jerry's Factory and order a Vermontster. The kid making ours thought we were kidding. I don't think he ever heard anyone order one of those. We asked for 20 different flavors (he was reluctant about that). It took him about 15 minutes to make it (didn't he realize that ice cream melts?). He put lots of extra toppings on. A couple of bananas, a couple of giant brownies, a couple of giant cookies, a ton of nuts, whipped cream, hot fudge, sprinkles, etc...

It was served to the 8 of us in a bucket. It was pretty damn awesome.

illegal shot of the factory

free samples!!! Yipee!!!

We wish they gave us better spoons...these couldn't handle the Vermonster!!!

we ate

and ate

and couldn't eat no more

until it was gone...all gone...

It was a good weekend...there was lots of food, friends, family, waterfalls, and of course, a visit to the alpaca farm!

happy birthday kacey! ~ mr. alpaca

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