26 May 2009

Attack of the Giant Shrimp!

I've been craving seafood lately. Preferably lobsters and scallops. I've been putting it off for a while, but today I had some extra cash in my pocket, so I stopped down at Hallowell Seafood on my lunch break and picked up some scallops that were on special and 2 gigantic shrimp (or prawns I suppose). These shrimp were huge...comparable to the size of small lobster tail. I couldn't wait to start cooking with them.

I decided on butterflying the shrimp and stuffing them with a mixture of veggies and scallops. I cooked some black rice for a nice contrast, sauteed some local spinach I also picked up today, and pan seared a couple of other scallops. It hit the spot and looked pretty too!

I was able to freeze half of the scallops and also have left overs. It ended up being a really good deal, and a nice treat!



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