25 May 2009

Scibec (or Scibek) Sizzler

After reading the new Food Network magazine and seeing the special "50 Burgers in 50 States", it made me want to try them all. Really. I think that would be awesome. Like, really awesome....

This weekend I tried the Scibek(c) Sizzler at The Shopping Bag in Burlington, Vermont. Only 49 more to go! It was a beautiful day, and a big fat juicy burger on a park bench overlooking Lake Champlain (keeping an eye out for Champ) was the perfect way to end it.

When I began this post I noticed that the burgers name is spelt differently by Food Network then by the store itself. Whoops! Take a look:

the store

The place was nothing fancy, just your typical corner store, a place for the neighborhood punks to buy their booze and smokes. We bought burgers and waited outside while they cooked on a tiny grill.

tiny grill
I wasn't all that hungry, but I couldn't NOT order one...I was excited!!!

take a look at this sucker! 1/2 lb of beef w/ seasonings, bacon,
2 types of cheese (cheddar and American I think), lettuce, onions,
pickles, tomatoes, and some sort of mayo based sauce.

Overall, it was a good burger based on the combination of greasiness, quantity of toppings, and a gorgeous day. It was agreed that although the meat itself wasn't the greatest and there are probably better burgers in Vermont, we definitely wouldn't turn this officially slutty burger down. And for only $4.99, who would?


  1. I love Slutty food and I love that you also love slutty food!

  2. I live a block from there.

    That burger is such a slut.

  3. try Skyburger on church street. It's a new spot with real quality beef. Quite a bit better than the sizzler.

  4. Best burger i've ever had for the money. Skyburger was a joke and quite expensive....

  5. I moved out of the area before trying the skyburger. Man, looking back at this burger is getting me in another burger kick!

  6. Nothing better than a Sizzler! Skyburger is not worthy of being in the same category as a masterpiece like a Sizzler.