07 May 2009

Boxed Can Rock!

I have this thing about boxed cake mix. Specifically chocolate cake mix. I have an even bigger thing about boxed brownie mix. But that will be in a later post. I loved boxed chocolate cake mix. I could eat the whole thing, just dry and powdery, straight out of the box. But then once the oil, water, and eggs are mixed in....Oooolala... The texture of chocolate boxed caked has it's own unique texture and taste. Always moist and soft, but springy and a little chewy.

I was originally going to make homemade reduced sugar cupcakes for a birthday at work tomorrow. But then I wasn't feeling too good, went home early, and decided that since Pillsbury has concocted a reduced sugar cake mix/icing, and I will have to take advantage.

Review of reduced sugar boxed cake mix: Cake was good, moist, springy, chocolaty, and although it tasted a little different than regular sugar, I would use this again.

Review of reduced sugar icing: Tasted okay, almost a 'marshmallowy' texture. Strange. I would definitely try to find a homemade reduced sugar recipe.

***Tip: Don't be fooled to think that just because it has less sugar then normal, it is healthy for you, and end up eating 2 of these. Especially when you already have a belly ache. Oy Vey...

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