01 May 2009

The Great Cookbook Challenge

Cookbooks are cool. No doubt about it. The only thing not cool about having lots of cookbooks is that you rarely cook enough recipes to make it worth paying for. This is why I:
  1. Copy recipes out of other peoples cookbooks
  2. Buy good quality cookbooks from used book stores
  3. Started this challenge.
Not that I own a TON of cookbooks, but I own enough to know that I haven't utilized each of them to their potential. I know that I will never cook all of those recipes in that picture. But I also know that I haven't even tried. The cookbooks I own are a collection of gifts, family hand-me-downs, local books from places I've been, and a couple of random ones that looked good (along with a variety of magazines I have yet to tear apart and put in my recipe binder).

Tonight, I am officially challenging myself to cook 3 recipes from each book/magazine I own. This may not sound like a lot, but take a look at that picture above. I count 17 books. That's 51 meals. That's not including the magazines I have. That's at least 51 specific meals for me alone to make and eat. The catch to this whole thing is...I cannot buy another food magazine or cookbook until I cook all of that.
And trust me, this shouldn't take (too) long because there's a whole list of cookbooks that I want.

At least I'll be eating good...for a while.

P.S. If you feel the need to add cookbooks to my collection, I will in no way object. Even if it means I must cook 3 recipes from it, and blog about them. Don't twist my arm...please...

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