15 August 2009


I've talked about this fabulous grocery store in a previous post, Wegmans. You can find them in various cities in New York State, PA, and apparently in New Jersey. Go there.

little shopping cart!
I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, and if you know me in person, you will know that I love to go grocery shopping. Or even go to the grocery store and not buy anything. I suppose it's kind of like browsing a bookstore and just taking it all in. I love visiting new grocery stores, ones I haven't been in before, I love to see the difference in products they carry and I love finding new things I haven't seen. I love 24 grocery stores because you can go there when you are bored in the middle of the night and just wander around. I find it relaxing.

Things I loved about this store: It wasn't too large, but it had a lot. And it was very clean. An awesome bakery for all different kinds of breads and desserts. They make this pretzel roll which is awesome, and I need to recreate it asap. They had a good sized deli with lots of higher end meats/cheeses. They make a lot of foods for you to buy and eat on the go. Produce and cheese selection is awesome, I had bought some wasabi-horseradish cheddar, delicious! The international section wasn't half bad either.

They had a great produce section and this:
That is a self-produce-sticker-labeling-weighing-machine. Apparently it's to save time at the checkout so the cashier doesn't have to weigh & look up the produce codes. Either way, I had fun playing with it. It's the simple things.

Let's just say that I went here a lot the past few weeks.

I wish so bad that I had a cool grocery store near me.

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