06 September 2009

Baked in SF

Some people say cupcakes are overdone...used and abused. I am not one of those people. Those people suck! I love cupcakes and I'm sure I always will. Not just cupcakes though, I love any personal sized food. Cupcakes, tarts, mini quiche, little pizzas, anything.

I also like to visit bakeries I've never been to before. Maybe because I get some good ideas, or maybe because just thinking about food makes me happy. Sometimes I just look. More often I buy and gobble down goodness. A few blocks from Shannon's apartment was a place called Baked. If you live near Potrero Hill in SF, you must go!

I bought a cupcake for each of us: red velvet, oreo, and chocolate chocolate. I at the oreo one (big surprise there!) which was excellent. I usually enjoy some larger chunks of oreo in my cakes, but this one definitely hit the spot. At $2 each, I thought it was a pretty decent price for city cupcakes, and I loved how simple yet pretty decorated they were. Taste verdict: Scrumdidliumcious!

The bakery was a little itty bitty teeny tiny place but packed fulled of baked goodies. They had the cutest mini-cakes and tarts too!!! I didn't think anything about the service until later on when I was told that there's a mean old hag that works there. Actually, I think she was described as a grumpy older woman, but mean old hag sounds so much better. And now that I think about it....she really didn't even acknowledge that I bought something from her. I suppose I should be lucky that she didn't say anything at all. Yikes!!!

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  1. Hmmm, that's NOT how I remember describing her...pretty sure my description was a bit...um, colorful - unlike her personality.

    She may be a grumpy @#!&*#%, but she makes good treats!