03 September 2009

Gastronomical Adventures in San Francisco

I ate well this past week. Very well. And I tried to take pictures of everything I ate, I really did, but sometimes it just didn't happen. As usual, I get something really really tasty and unique in front of me and it's like my brain shuts out everything else and just tells me to CONSUME ALL FOOD!!! I'm kinda like a freak. But I did take a lot of pictures of things I ate, and I will still be doing a little posting/review of things I don't have a picture of.

Eating well in San Fransisco isn't hard, but it totally helps that I have a totally awesome cousin there that loves to eat well also. And eating in good company always makes things taste better.

This is a breakfast that Shannon and I made with a few goals. 1) quick 2) use up food in fridge 3) healthy delicious.
What we have here is a beautiful, well crafted, original recipe by yours truly. As always, making sure that presentation is priority.

Slow cooked scrambled eggs (as they should be), with sauteed red onion, and cheddar cheese over a toasted onion bun with fresh beautifully carved avocado. At a closer look, you may see specks of Sriracha, and pieces of delicious bacon.
You may be wondering how we were able to concoct such a glorious meal......the answer is skill. Skill and stomach growling hunger.

Aside from the visual appeal, it was decided that this was a fairly healthy meal. It did have avocado...and that's a good fat.

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  1. i actually considered recreating this gastronomic fabulosity this morning but decided I needed to give my colesterol levels a break...since I already broke my "no drinking til the weekend" promise. :-)