22 September 2009

California Wine Tasting

Another day in California...another wine to taste. This traveling thing is pretty difficult. I mean, how was I supposed to taste all of these delicious wines and eat all of these amazing foods and do tons of cool things in only 7 days?!?!?! Lets put it this way....I tried. And it was glorious!

'tasting vineyard' at Summers Estate Wines
Shannon, Jim, and I planned to head up to Sonoma for a roller derby bout. They then came up with the genius plan to stay the night up there and do wine tasting the following day. Genius I say...genius...

It was an excellent weekend. Saturday morning Shan and I went to the farmers market, purchasing some goodies, then we hit the road. After consuming almost 2 containers of goat cheese and a whole loaf of bread (between the 3 of us), I got to swim a little and lay out in the California sun. Then we headed down the street to see the B.A.D. All-Stars destroy the Wine Country Homewreckers.

Prior to hitting up the wines, we drove by the 'Old Faithful of California'. Don't go there. But we were suckers and paid an absurd entry fee and for pellet food to feed the goats (and LLAMAS!). They were kinda cool.

We hit up Summers Estate Wines where we had a decent time, we all bought a bottle, and we saw some girl ruin $65 wine by dumping her unwanted tasting into the decanter. Whoops!

Next we went right down the road to Vincent Arroyo Winery. I think we all agree this place was pretty cool. We purchased amazing balsamic vinegar and olive oil (and wine!) that they also make. We had a picnic outside, eating bread, VA olive oil & balsamic vinegar, goat cheeses, basil and heirloom tomatoes. I could live on just that meal alone. And what would a picnic be if we didn't crack open a bottle of the wine we just bought!

Jim, Kacey, Shannon at Vincent Arroyo Winery
Oh my....

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  1. You make me want to go to winery...
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