24 February 2010

Heated This All By Myself: A Blog Worthy Dinner

When I received an email a few nights ago from Aaron with a subject of "Blog worth dinner", I knew it was going to be good. He simply stated, "heated this all by myself" and included the following picture. Having to share this with you, I asked him to write up a little something about his meal. The following is the first guest post on Kacey's Kitchen, prepared for you by the Aaronmeister. Please enjoy.

I'm a pretty fortunate person as things go. I can't really complain. However, I don't have the patience to cook much of anything for myself. When I'm ready to eat (which is essentially all the time) I would prefer not to wait. This drastically limits my own personal stable of recipes to those things which I can heat or boil. So, when you have someone living with you, who enjoys cooking, and will in fact cook for you, you don't take it for granted. Thankfully such a person lives with me. Before she trekked home for a few weeks she cooked a number of things, some of which were displayed on her blog. Those various things turned into various leftovers which I have had the pleasure of revisiting whilst she is away. I recently took advantage of some of her frozen sauce, sausage, and meatballs, to which I added my own prepackaged and then personally boiled penne. The results were delicious.

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