05 April 2010

You Can't Handle the Heat!!!

Dear Oven,
Why have you failed me? I have treated you so well over the weeks, keeping your drip trays clean, scrubbing your racks, using trays and tin foil to insure minimal drips and spills... Why...why...why?!?!

Thankfully your parts are fairly easy to replace, although due to your unique (small) size, they were not in stock and had to be ordered. You couldn't handle the heat, couldn't handle Kacey's Kitchen.

But oven, you are a crucial part of Kacey's Kitchen, and it's important for you to continue doing your job. Hopefully now that you've gotten some lovin' and brand new pieces, you'll be back to your tip-top GE shape, with no more hiccups or coughs.



  1. oh what a bummer! im glad she's back up and running! give her a nice hug:)

  2. ...and just like my true sister, she has the mop and bucket out cleaning everything the oven had once covered up!