28 May 2010

More Food Coming Soon!!!

Dear Blog (and whoever is out there),

I have not forgotten about you. I promise. I know we all have grown accustom to my habit of religiously posting 3 times a week. Oh...you haven't? It's just me? Oh well. I usually even have some sort of back up supply of posts ready just in case I'm not able to get to a kitchen, camera, computer, or all of the above. Just for you. Just so you don't go through withdrawal. Because that would be bad. And I care about you.
This time however, I have no backup posts ready. It just happened...my unpreparedness. I'm sorry.

Last week I unexpectedly, and importantly, made a last minute trip to my hometown in New Jersey to be with close friends and family. Throughout a fucked up whirlwind of a week, we were still able to do what we do best...eat and laugh together. And although you all are important to me, sitting in front of a computer editing photos and typing out my naturally witty stories is a little lower on the priority ladder. For now.

I'll try to update over the next week, but no guarantees...you'll be (one of) the first to know when I get back in the swing of things.

In the meantime, you can stare at my beautiful picture above. Yes, that is a hamburger and hotdog pillow...in case you were wondering. Ridiculous. And amazing :)

Chow On,

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