11 June 2010

New Orleans, LA: Absinthe House

What did I know about absinthe before our New Orleans experience? Let me count the ways:
  1. It's an anise flavored alcohol.
  2. Also known as "the Green Fairy".
  3. Absinthe is placed in a glass, then ice cold water is run over a sugar cube into it.
  4. Although no scientific proof exists, absinthe was banned in most countries due to it's hallucinogenic effects to a person leading to violent crimes and social disorder.
  5. Now legalized in many countries including the USA, many absinthe 'enthusiasts' consider this legal alcohol an inferior version. Either way, it's legal now.
Things I learned about absinthe during our New Orleans experience:
  1. Some other stuff that I wasn't really paying attention to during our $5 - 20 minute History Channel video we watched at the Absinthe museum.
  2. How awesome the carafes, absinthe fountains, and glasses commonly used were.
  3. What it tastes like.
Suggestions to learning about absinthe in New Orleans:
  1. Before you go (or after you leave), read about absinthe on wikipedia.
  2. Find and watch the history channel program on it.
  3. Skip the absinthe museum.
  4. Go to the Absinthe House on Faulkner Street.
  5. Have 1 drink of Absinthe.
  6. Order something else you would normally drink.
  7. Stay, relax, and enjoy the interesting conversations around you.
You'll enjoy absinthe if you like strong licorice flavored things. One glass was more than enough for me. Supposedly it is a good digestif, however it made my belly a little woozy feeling, and not in the good 'one drink of booze' sort of way. It wasn't bad, but one $12 drink of it was plenty. The Absinthe House is a tiny little place with old school keg coolers, very limited space, and tons of personality and friendliness. We didn't stay long, but we enjoyed it while we were there, and if we had more time, we would have definitely stayed longer.

And. Well. That's about it.

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