14 June 2010

New Orleans, LA: The Royal House

Delicious, delicious breakfast. Rachael and I woke up early and strolled around New Orleans, leaving Aaron alone to snore away a couple of hours. After a while we decided to stop and grab some breakfast at The Royal House.

We sat upstairs on the balcony overlooking Royal Street and the beautiful courthouse landscape. The balcony was pretty cool, narrow but tall french doors opened up to a crooked balcony that barely squeezed in a table for two.

First step was to get a round of coffee and mimosas. Going in, I figured I'd just order a normal breakfast or maybe a waffle, but than I spotted this. And boy, am I glad I did:
What you see there is the Royal House Crawfish Benedict. Two poached eggs atop crispy crawfish cakes topped with crawfish cream sauce and cajun potatoes.

Holy Moly this may be one of my favorite breakfasts ever. This was perfect. The crawfish cream sauce was fabulous. It wasn't too spicy (although I wouldn't have minded), but it had just enough heat to be a perfect start to my day.

This was so good that I felt a bit guilty for letting Aaron sleep through it. I was determined to save him half of it (there was a lot), but it just didn't happen. I really did try. But then it just kept sitting there staring at me. Looking at me. Wanting me to have another bite. So I did. I had just one bite.

And then another.

And the next thing I know...the whole thing was gone. I'm not even sure what happened!

But don't worry buddy...we are totally going there again.

And I'm gonna have two servings of this. Cause that's just how I roll.

Rachael wanted something an little more basic. She ordered the Two Egg Breakfast. Two eggs over easy with grits, sausage, and a biscuit. Not too flashy or showy, but it tasted wonderful.

We didn't rate this foodie experience officially at the time, and I don't remember the exact price, so I'll just give you an estimate and my ratings as I remember my breakfast.

The Royal House - 441 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

$40 approximately

2 - Coffees
2 - Mimosas
1 - Crawfish Benedict
1 - Two Egg Breakfast

Food 9
Presentation 7.5
Atmosphere 7.5


  1. That looks seriously delish....I am -TOTALLY- going there on my next trip!!!

    P.S. I don't blame you for eating every last bite. I've had my plate talk back to me in that exact fashion on many occasions! COMPLETELY understandable!!! ;)