16 June 2010

Milton, FL: Waffle House

Waffle House. What's there to say about it. It seems like I pass about 4 million Waffle Houses when I drive around the area. However, according to Google Maps, there are only approximately 25 in the Pensacola Area.
I had suspicions of what lurked inside of these buildings with their yellow and black block letter signs. I had suspicions of dirtiness. I had suspicions of a fast food waffle. How? and Why?

Actually, it wasn't that bad. Please remember that you are in a fast food waffle house. Really, what is there to expect? Well, what I didn't expect was there to be table service. (Yell at me for my continuous lack of photos) The inside is similar to the counter section of Denny's with a similar menu selection. The booth tables are against where the counter should be, and the waitresses serve you without ever leaving the kitchen/griddle area, and everything is cooked right there.
The service? Not too shabby. Even during the day the waitresses reminded me of those you often see at 2am at a truck stop diner. They stayed busy and friendly, and when ours accidentally dropped our waffle on the floor, she apologized and comped some of our beverages for the inconvenience. And really, we wouldn't have even noticed if it were delayed.
The food wasn't too bad either. Again, remember, we are talking about the Waffle House here, not The Royal House. Would I go again? Maybe sure. I'd definitely bring someone who hasn't been. Or maybe I'll go when I'm craving a cheap and trashy breakfast. At 2am. But in reality, I'll probably never go again. Only time will tell...


  1. Jim Gaffigan once said, "If you've never been to a Waffle House, picture a gas station bathroom that sells waffles..."