30 July 2010

Bloody Meowy

Kacey's Kitchen - Bloody Mary
This might be over the top for you, because it is definitely is for me. It's so out of character that I will admit this, it slightly disgusts me. I talk to my cat. Like she's a person. Now, before everyone starts on that whole 'whoa, who brought the crazy cat lady' thing, lets think about a few things. YOU, my friends, are here on a voluntary basis. You read this blog because you want to...for whatever crazy reasons you have, no one brought me here...you brought yourselves here. And secondly, I know you talk to your pet too. Whether or not it's a cat, a dog, a goldfish, an alligator or a horse....you talk to it. And I'd be willing to bet that it talks to you too. Or at least you pretend it does. You give it some sort of strange accent and imitate what it is thinking, what you KNOW it would say if it could.

For example, my parents chocolate lab Bosco. Here he is:
Bosco 4
Asides from being the best 12+ year old puppy ever, Bosco is loving and sweet and lives each of his dog days to be loved and waiting for my sister and I to come and visit so the whole family can be together. He's deathly afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, and he is so upset when someone packs a suitcase, that we have to trick him in order for us to leave. He also has a really goofy voice. No, no, not his dog voice, his people voice. Bosco's a smart dog, but, well...his speech doesn't really show it. He walks moseys around the house and the yard, swinging his tail in every direction, and in an Eeyore-esk way says something like:

"D'oh, D-D'oh, D'oh, D-D'oh. I'm a brown dog. D'oh. Anybody wanna give me a treat? D'oh D-D'oh. Anybody wanna pet me? D'oh, D-D'oh. I guess I'll lay down now'.


And then there is Sammy. I hate cats, but I'm convinced she isn't really a cat. But just in case she really is, I know that she's the only cat I will ever truly love and care for. She's a fluffy black and white Maine Coon who steals souls, drinks too much, and is an international spy in cahoots with Lieutenant Kitty, the orange stray that sleeps in our backyard. But don't tell her that, she doesn't know that we know what she knows.

Got all that?

Sammy loves unconditionally, that is, until she doesn't want to love you anymore. When that happens, she'll usually abruptly jump off of your lap and retreat to her newest headquarters - the cardboard box. That's where she reports all of your strange humanly habits and brainstorms ways she can rule the world universe. She sleeps all day and demands you feed her as soon as you wake up. And she won't kill cockroaches because, well....she's just too good for that sort of thing. She's a little bitch, and I'll call her out on it, but she doesn't mind. She knows what she is, and she knows everyone will love her anyway.
7.26.10 Vodka Kitty (6) 7.26.10 Vodka Kitty (5)
So when Sammy suggested that we make Bloody Mary's last Sunday, with her strange accent that changes frequently, it sounded more like she asked for a Bloody Meowy, Rosie Perez style. And if the cat wants a Bloody Mary, why should be deny ourselves???

So that's how the Bloody Meowy was born. It might have a silly name, but the story that goes along with it is pretty serious. Plus, this isn't your normal Bloody Mary. Being so spicy and delicious, it needed a different name. I'm not sure if Bloody Meowy screams SPICY, but it'll work for now.

Spicy Bloody Mary (Bloody Meowy)
Printable Recipe
by Kacey's Kitchen
  • 1.5 oz Absolute Peppar Vodka (plus an extra splash for goodluck)
  • 3 oz tomato juice
  • 1 splash lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 drops hot sauce
  • Slap Ya Mama Hot! seasoning (or other cajun seasoning)
  • carrots, celery, limes, and lemons, optional, for garnish
  1. Wet rim of glass and roll in Slap Ya Mama Hot seasoning. Fill glass with ice.
  2. Add all other ingredients (except carrots and celery) into another glass or pitcher with ice.
  3. Stir or shake to combine, strain into seasoned glass.
  4. Garnish appropriately.


  1. I'm glad you found me Kacey because now I've found you. Your photography is stunning. I'm excited to comb through your recipes. Also, can I adopt your pets? Just for the weekend?

  2. I think Sammy is also in cahoots with my two kitties (who also speak with strange accents and plot to take over the universe). Anyone who denies that they have this sort of relationship with their pets is a big, fat, LIAR IN CAPS!!!

    When I'm enjoying my Bloody Meowy this weekend, I'll toast to you and Sammy. ;)

  3. RfD: Thank you, thank you, I've been reading through your recipes this morning also! And as much as I know sharing my pets would bring you great happiness, I don't think it's possible for the following reasons:
    1)Bosco is too much of a momma's boy to leave home. And he has too many stuffed animals to fit in his suitcase, he wouldn't be able to decide which ones to leave.
    2)It's imperative that I never let Sammy leave the boundaries of our apartment, purely for security issues. Otherwise I'm sure she would enjoy stealing new souls while you sleep.

    Lauren: It sounds as though our cats do secretly know and communicate with each other. I ask Sammy often not to use the computer while I'm out, but I still come home to find her sitting next to it...with that grin (you know the one). Good luck with your secret spies and enjoy your drink(s)!!!

  4. Kacey - what voice DID your alligator have?

    Soju is a cold gangstar and he just says "What up, Foo'?" alot. Phoebe, as you know, is demure and a bit of a tease...I think she sighs alot. Especially when Soju asks her "What up, Foo'?"

  5. Arnie the Alligator sounded like James Earl Jones if James Earl Jones smoked cigarettes and drank lots of whiskey.

    I think your right on with the Soju/Phoebe thing. Phoebe does sigh alot, but watch out. She'll only tolerate Soju's gangsta-ness so long before she bitch slaps the Foo outta him! Then she'll immediately resume to staring at her beautiful feline self in the mirror.

  6. I catch Jennycat staring at herself in the mirror all the time...she is very narcissistic and wears the fuzzy pants in my house. My other cat Murphy is awed and terrified of her.

    On a different note, Arnie the alligator would make an awesome "rajun" Cajun!