21 September 2010

Colorado, An Intro

I've arrived back home after the most fantastic experience in Denver/Boulder, Colorado. While I don't have enough time right this moment to appropriately blog about all of the food and fun, I didn't want to leave you all hanging.

Last week I shared with you another post about my love of good beer, and told you I was heading off to attend The Great American Beer Festival 2010. Finally able to catch up with my wonderful sister and my fabulous cousin, we couldn't have had a better time eating great eats and drinking great drinks with new great friends.

This won't be the only time I'll say this here, but thank you to everyone this past weekend for such an unbelievably good time.

Over the next couple of days (or however long it takes me to type some stuff up), I'll be sharing with you wonderful goodies that will make you drool.

You can look forward to a few stories about some of the consumptions of this weekend:

multiple cured meat plates
multiple homemade cheese plates
spicy garden grown foods
good beer fest beer
not so good beer fest beer
great home brewed beer
sweet tea vodka
and cheesy tater tots

We obviously had no sort of pattern there...

Basically it's everything that keeps MY heart pumping.

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