10 September 2010

The Other 10

Wednesday I showed you 10 kitchen foodings that I find important. Today I'm bring you another 10. Remember, I never promised this to be fancy. Nothing that happens here is all too fancy, although I like to pretend it is.

First, a random picture of the day for you. A little itty bitty plant that started in Maine from my dear friend, made it's way through a snow storm in Vermont, and survived transportation to Florida where it is currently thriving in my kitchen window.
And now the list.
  1. A Heavy Duty Wooden Cutting Board: I use flimsy plastic ones for meats and fishes, easy to clean and dispose of when really nasty. But when you really get into that furious cutting everything in site mode (when you've got a good knife, see #5, this happens sometimes), or chopping lots of veggies, you need something huge and sturdy that you'll have room to keep your food on, and continue chopping without it sliding around on you.
  2. Tortillas: These can be kept in the freezer and defrosted when needed. They are very handy when you've got other leftovers that can be made into a wrap, burrito, or quesadilla. Making a quesadilla will utilize that cheese you've stocked up that I also suggested before.
  3. Canned Beans: You never know when you will need them to make a quick dip for unexpected guests (you could throw in cheese and tear up and toast those spare tortillas for scooping). You can also add these to practically anything including soups, pastas, and salads.
  4. Yellow Onions & Green Peppers: These go hand in hand for me. Right now I can't think of anything that I use one without the other. And I never let these run out. It's as standard as the box of penne I'm gonna suggest next.
  5. Whole Wheat Penne Pasta: My favorite pasta overall. This sounds simple but you'd be surprised how many people I have met that run out of pasta. We don't even eat it that much, but I can't imagine ever running out.
  6. Rice: Any kind. Again, there's no excuse to run out. None. Just go buy it in bulk at Costco. You'll use it.
  7. Spicy Mustard: Same use at soy sauce. Salad dressing, condiment, seasoning, etc.
  8. Really Awesome Balsamic Vinegar: See my post on my visit to Vincent Arroyo. Once you have it, you'll never go back. Never ever.
  9. Crushed Red Pepper: I swear I use this almost every day. It's as standard in this house as salt and pepper. I automatically reach for it. I need to buy this in bulk also.
  10. Can Opener: It would be a real bummer without one of these.
Oh yeah, one last important important thing. A good quality hardworking CLEAN Sponge. Cause those shizznasty ones skeeve me out.

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