13 September 2010

Pralines in New Orleans

A little story. A story about butter and sugar and nuts. Which really isn't much different from any other story on here, but anyways...
So strolling around the French Quarter of New Orleans last weekend, not long after a very filling lunch and delicious lunch at Mother's, we get a whiff of fresh candy. Like candy and fudge being made at that moment. I had Willy Wonka visions as I stepped off the curb without looking and made my way into Southern Candy Makers. A little tiny place filled with chocolate covered chocolate and chocolate covered everything. And PRALINES. I didn't think much of them, but Aaron was literally a kid in a candy store. Like so much that I believe while waiting in line, we were wading in 4 inches of drool. Finally after deliberating over which ones to buy for what seemed way too long for me (I was eyeing those chocolate covered marshmallows graham cracker combo things), he bought two. 2 pralines. Talk about self control. Waiting in line, tons of options, and the guy buys 2 pralines. What the hell.

I guess the old candy maker dude saw how patient we were because he thanked us for our purchase of $4.50ish and quickly shoved a free praline in our bag.

A Free Praline?!?!


We quietly walked out of the place ignoring the fact we got a freebie, and as soon as we were outside, we were all: "AWESOME!!! A FREE PRALINE!!!" We acted like we stole it or somthing...slinking out of the building like we did. There may have been a high-five involved.

High fives are cool. There should be more high-fives in the world.

Just to throw that out there.

I was going to end this post at that, but then I realized I never told you what I thought about the praline.

Here's what I thought: A-Maz-Ing. Soft, and sugary, and buttery, and nutty. It was confection perfection. For some reason I thought it was going to be hard. Like peanut brittle. And as much as I understand what the appeal of peanut brittle is, I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't really like how hard and tongue piercing it can me. But not freshly made pralines. These were soft, and sugary, and buttery, and nutty, and delicious. And delicious!!!

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