15 September 2010

First Sign of Fall

I recently spent over $9 on this:
I walked into the liquor store the other day not really knowing what I was going to buy, and not really caring. Good beer is expensive down here, and I usually settle for something, well, not so great. But then. THEN I SAW IT. Shipyard Pumpkinhead! I was stoked. I mean, really really stoked. I grabbed one, searched for a price (not that it mattered), and headed to the counter.

"How much is this?"

"$9.25" (or something like that)


"Uhhhh....do you offer a case discount?"

"Not on beer........", she trailed off on some excuse about how they don't make as much money on beer than booze, and if I want to buy a case of Rum, there would be a good discount on that.

Rum Schmum, bring me the beer. But 9 bucks? *Sigh* I'm not sure if I'll ever get use to not having the variety of reasonably priced craft beer like I did in New England, and the fact that you could find it anywhere. It's one of those things that you take for granted...until it's not available. And I'm not the only one who feels like this.

A few weeks ago we were in the same liquor store and once again I was complaining about the beer selection (apparently I think that if I stand there complaining, new beer will appear in the cooler). So I'm standing there listing beers and companies I wish were offered here, "I wish they had Shipyard or Geary's or Longtrail or blah blah blah..." Meanwhile, Aaron's just standing there trying to tune me out going "uh huh, uh huh", or something like that. And then this guy next to us, all wide-eyed and such says, "Did you just say Geary's????" And then we got into this super exciting conversation about good beer from Maine, I think he was from the Portland area, and how we are frustrated with beer down here.

It didn't make new beer appear, but it made me feel a little better that it's not just in my head.

I'm sure I've lost about half my audience at this point, but I'll continue on, for the few of you who's interest is hanging on by a thread...

So, $9 or not, I'm going back soon to stock up, cause once that stuff is gone from here, it's gone. Just like I'm going to stock up on what's left on Bluepaw I saw there:
See, Florida is all confused down here. It's almost fall, so they are carrying all sorts of 'cold weather stuff' like Uggs, Peacoats (I don't get it either), and Pumpkinhead. But it's still in the 90's, so in addition they are still selling bikinis, flipflops, and Bluepaw.

So, not to make myself seem like a complete lush, today I'm on my way to Denver, Colorado to attend The Great American Beer Fest. Really, I'm headed there to spend time with my cousin and sister. We've been trying to get together just the three of us for a few years now, and it's finally happening. I'm very excited. And thinking of a place to go for a long weekend, why not The Great American Beer Fest in Denver!? Cause really, why not?


  1. Oo, I've been feeling like trying a new seasonal beer. I'll have to seek this one out. If it makes you feel any better... spending 9 bucks for 6 craft beers is way cheaper than what you'd pay in a bar where you'd probably pay more than 2 bucks a beer for a much-lesser quality beer!...That's what I tell myself when in the checkout line at the liquor store anyway :)

  2. I was excited to come across your post about my favorite fall beer. I live in Maine, and it is always exciting when I notice it on tap or in a store cooler for the first time. I have to say my overall favorite Maine brewery is Geary's. They delver the highest concentration of my favorite local brews.

  3. Teresa - Of course I justify it, I just hate paying so much for beer when I lived so close to the brewery and I could get it for a fraction of the price. And on tap!

    Manda - I am also a Geary's fan, usually rotating my Maine brewery stock in my fridge when I lived up there. Don't take it for granted like I did. Good beer is hard to find in places like Florida!

    Thanks for checkin me out guys! I hope you stick around!

    Chow on,

  4. Glad you went for the splurge :D When I first started dabbling into the whole craft beer thing a few years ago, I had a hard time justifying the cost for a 6-pack when I could just buy twice as much of the "fizzy yellow beer" (as the Stone Brewing guy says) for the same price.

    So, Maine...are you into Allagash?

    Hope you had fun at GABF. Lucky.

  5. Ali,
    I love the name of your blog & your logo. I can't wait to browse around.

    Although I'll rarely turn down a beer (fizzy yellow/shitty beer), I really love good beer. And I love people that love good beer - Allagash included.

    I really miss being up in New England, purely because of the great craft beer selections.

    Thanks for checking me out!

    3 Cheers for Good Beers!!!

  6. yea I find Florida (I live here) really doesn't have the best selections of craft beers too...sucks we need to get with the program :)