21 October 2010

The Rundown

Okay, it's been way too long for my comfort to not blog. And this post is still not really about food, but I just feel like we should talk.

I've been busy and a little worn out which translates to me being out of the house 80% of the day and sleeping the other 20%, give or take a few percentages.

About 2 weeks ago we took a long weekend trip up to Vermont at my parents house for a special occasion. On October 10th, I married my best friend. And I totally mean that. We've known each other for around 14 years and have been best friends for most of that time. It was small and personal and awesome. We hung out all weekend with just our parents, my sister, and a few friends. My sister married us in the backyard on one of the best fall Vermont mornings ever! Then we just ate and sat around and hung out and I may or may not have killed a bottle of champagne, straight out of the bottle, sitting by the fire. What can I say? He picked a classy girl.
And here is a sneak preview of some of the food we ate. We ate a lot over the weekend, but here was the wedding day spread.
And I know I've mentioned this before, but I got a job. A temp job. But a Monday thru Friday 8-5 job. I don't get home till close to 6. Then 2-3-4 nights a week I basically go straight out to Derby practice or meetings. And I get home and then I pass out. My opinion: this paid job thing is really cutting into my free time. My social life, shot. My kitchen life, shot. And I have barely even seen my husband since we got married! It's ridiculous! Jobs, what a bad idea....sheesh!

So before we got married I cooked almost every night of the week. And when I didn't, we ate leftovers. But since we've been married, I cooked once! ONCE IN A WEEK AND A HALF! I mean seriously....talk about letting myself go! Poor guy, he didn't realize what was gonna happen. I miss my kitchen!

As an example, this is the first meal we had at home alone as a married couple. Granted, we just got finished with a 12 hour travel day including 3 plane rides, but still. I was too lazy to even take something out of the freezer.
But 2 days ago it was my birthday. I skipped out of practice. I went grocery shopping the day before and I was determined to cook dinner, eat it together, enjoy it, and not rush out of the house anywhere. And that's exactly what I did. I made a fabulous shrimp scampi and immediately wondered why I don't make it more often. And we ate all of it. It was wonderful. And then afterwards, I sat on the couch. I didn't even take a picture of it. It was a good night. Well, except for that fact that I had to toss a whole batch of cupcakes, but we won't go there today.

It all worked out well, because when I got home, Stumpy was waiting for me:
He is not a cake to be messed with.

So it's been busy. I need to get back in the kitchen as soon as possible. I feel like I'm going crazy without cooking. And I feel bad about not blogging. I'll be back soon. I promise.


  1. Awesome! Congrats!! Wait, did everyone know this was happening except me or did you just drop a bomb on your readers. Whichever, congratulations again!

  2. Um... SURPRISE!!!


    Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Congratulations again, Cousin. You are both loved and prayed for. BTW, you'll have to settle a score with Ben. In his words, "I'm taking it personally that I wasn't invited!" Look out girl, you got one upset 10 year old ;)

  4. Congrats!!!! And don't worry, you have many years to come to cook for your new husband!

  5. This is such a happy post -- I love it!!! Congratulations Kacey!!!!!!

  6. NY Cousin... Oh dear. I'm not sure even I have a good enough excuse for Ben. :( Next time we are all up in Vermont together he can get his revenge via pillow fights. And maybe we'll spend like 27 hours a day on the quads. That might help!

    And thanks everyone!