20 December 2010

Cabot Cheese Gift Delivery

So I get a UPS delivery the other day (I love deliveries!) and the package says "Refrigerate Immediately"...hmm...I guess it wasn't the ink cartridges I ordered. And then I noticed the return address label, "Cabot Creamery, Vermont".

Oh Hell Yeah! CHEEEEEEESE!!!

So I tear open that sucker and behold - 6 blocks of Cabot cheese, straight from the creamery. And!!! A wooden cheese board!!!

My parents know my love for all things cheese (and all other foods), and knowing that we would appreciate something practical (edible), they sent down a box of cheese from Vermont.

I had only been the Cabot Creamery once, it's tucked way in the middle of nowhere Vermont (like everything else) and surrounded by cows (like everything else). Unfortunately they weren't making cheese that day, but I did spend a good amount of time in the visitors center sampling their flavors of cheese I had never heard of.

Most of the ones my parents sent I had never seen before. If you notice, the ones they sent all have a bit of heat to them, which of course we love. This made for an excellent lunch on Saturday. Sliced spicy cheddar cheese, some crackers, some olives, and some wine. And then we sliced more cheese. And then got more crackers. And maybe while I was putting it all away, I may have sliced off some more cheese. It may have happened. And it was delicious.

Thanks mom & dad for the cheesy surprise!!! Love you!!!


  1. Wow, you have the nicest parents ever! Enjoy the Cabot Cheese! We're glad you're excited. I LOVE the chili lime. :) ~wendy

  2. As big of a foodie that I am, I could eat bread and cheese the rest of my life and die a happy gal...

  3. Cool parents!! I would totally spaz if I got a huge box of cheese in the mail. All those spicy flavors sound great, especially the chili-lime. Yum!!

  4. My parents are pretty awesome :)

    Lauren - I'm right with you on eating cheese in bread for the rest of my life!

    Koci - Do you have any idea the amount of self restraint it takes to be at home every day knowing all that cheese is in there...without eating it all at once! haha!