23 February 2012

Blogging Rut?

Dear Everyone,
How do I get out of a blogging rut? More appropriately a non-blogging rut.

I love food. I love eating. I love to talk about it.  But it's just not showing up here for you all to see.  I have photos backlogged, and I even have 'blog' on my daily to-do list (every day it still remains).

Does this happen to you?  What do you do to motivate yourself to blog more?

I'm starting to mentally food prepare for another possible move within the next few months, so things haven't been super creative here, albeit tasty.  Trying to eat through our freezer, open condiments, oils, baking supplies, and canned goods.  Last night we had steak (From the freezer. From the store. From a cow.), roasted potatoes and salad.  Up for tonight is split pea soup using up split peas and that frozen smoked ham hock.  I'm looking forward to that!

Oh, another question. I picked up some pigs feet the other day.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with them?  I would like to try to keep them whole, if anything just to have a picture of us gnawing on a pigs leg for the blog.  Heh, heh.

Chow On,
Kacey at Kacey's Kitchen

P.S. Cheeseburgers are good.  Cheeseburgers on homemade pretzel buns are better.  Cheese burgers on homemade pretzel buns topped with a whole deep fried pickle and a micro-brewed beer is best.
Bricktown Brewery Burgers & Beer


  1. Do you like fried pickles? They have them at our local steak house but I haven't been able to talk Malcolm into trying them yet. -Cyndi

  2. Fried pickles are AMAZING! I first experienced them down in Florida, but they have even better ones here. We've found the thicker cut, the better. Usually they are sliced rounds of pickles, the picture above was the first time I ever saw a spear!

  3. Well Kacey,
    I can't speak for everyone, but getting blocked happens to butt loads of people. Did I miswrite butt loads? Must have meant bus loads. I mean how many people can you get in a butt!? Even an elephant's butt? I can think of two who would fit perfectly: Romney and Santorum. Yikes, did I just make a Republican joke!? It was purely unintentional, I'm perfectly sure.
    Let's see, Aaron and I are about third cousins three or four times removed, kin on Mama's side and Aaron's dad's side. Papa always said Mama's family were great procrastinators. Mama's Papa, for instance, procrastinated about getting married until he was 56, and Mama was his third little bundle of poop factory.
    I don't know how widely spread the Procrastinating Bug, Procrastus Horridus, has spread in our family, but I bet Aaron didn't mention Procrastus Horridus while he was courting you. He was waiting for the perfect time, the perfect words, when he was perfectly sure you were perfectly receptive. He procrastinated. Is he a perfectionist? He may not have inherited Procrastus Horridus. The question only you can answer is: Did I? When you're planning your blog, do you envision how you're going to do it perfectly? Perfect food; perfect photography; perfect blurb? Remember what somebody really important and perfectly unforgettable said, but I forget who: Don't make the perfect the enemy of the good. I would add to what that genius said: The perfect is the enemy of the creative.
    Am I, Cousin Peter, a procrastinator? You betcha. Am I a perfectionist? And how! Am I also the Dark Lord Lazy? Sssshh! We never speak his name.
    I've had fried pickles and enjoyed them immensely. When I ordered them with ice cream, our very pregnant waitress giggled. When I ordered a side of dipping chocolate, she grew hysterical.

  4. I'm in a non-blogging rut too! I've been sitting on an amazeballs lasagna recipe but it's been months since I've posted.

    We need a support group. Maybe with delicious delicious carbs to reward us.

    And cheese. Carbs and cheese.

  5. Miss Lauren, you are a genius! The only way to solve our problem IS with cheese and carbs. And carbs and cheese. And I like the support group idea!

  6. Peter - Aaron courting?!?!?! BaHAHAHA. Unless of course you mean he hung around me and my family for 15 years eating all of our leftovers. If that's what you meant, then yes, Aaron courted until he could court no longer.

    I have not yet tried fried pickles with ice cream or chocolate sauce...and if I were not terrified to jinx myself with 'pregnancy foods', I might just try it myself.

    I just picked up some Nutella...I wonder how that would be....hmmmm....

  7. Nutella on cinnamon graham crackers. You're welcome. -Cyndi

  8. Haven't tried that...but totally addicted to Nutella on Nilla Wafers!

  9. I'm surprised I was even allowed to start another blog as I have started and stopped so many. The latest one is gonna stick, I just know it. Sure, the new hasn't worn off of my new blog yet, but I'll put in my two cents on writing/blogging ruts anyway...

    You already have one key covered...love what you are writing about. The other thing that helps me is to spend a lot of time doing something I hate (like working full-time or doing laundry or watching The Bachelor). Blogging becomes my respite. I can't wait for blog time.

    Also, maybe shake things up a bit. Throw in more non-recipe posts...behind the scenes of Kacey's Kitchen, top ten items to always have in your pantry, favorite cookbooks, how to choose the best pig feet, reasons Aaron should agree to raising lots of chickens, etc.