25 February 2012

Shopping Trip Quiz!

I don't believe I've mentioned it here, but some of you may know that over the past year-ish I've picked up a new hobby.  Couponing!!!

I know, I know, you've heard of that extreme couponing show (I've never seen it).  If you don't partake in this new fad/trend/obsession of couponing, you might have one or all of the following reactions to this money saving community (keep in mind these are actual things people have said to me):
  • Ha, Ha! What a dork! (really, saving 50-90% on things I would NORMALLY buy is dorky?)
  • You really have a binder of coupons? Your crazy. (Not crazy, just organized.  There is a difference.)
  • I could never do that. (Sure you could, it's waaay easier than you think.)
  • Wow, you must be really organized! (I am, I like to be. But you'd probably be too if you realized how much time and money you can save by being organized.)
  • You're really into 'it', aren't you?! (Um...yes, I'm totally into saving hundreds of dollars a month!)
I'm not going to explain how to coupon or talk you into couponing, there are hundreds if not thousands of sites out there already doing that.  Although, here is one tip - All those couponing sites out there do the hard work for you.  If you do have any questions about couponing though, I would be more than happy to answer them.  I would also be willing to do another coupon post or two if the interest is there!

I save waaay more than enough to make it worthwhile, and to be honest, couponing doesn't take me that much time. Think about all those times you veg out in front of the tv...that is excellent opportunity to coupon!  It also doesn't hurt that I love grocery shopping, organizing, and of course saving money, so it is really fun for me.

While living here in Oklahoma, we don't have national grocery stores, and the local ones are super duper expensive (for both couponers and non-couponers) so I probably end up doing 95% of my grocery shopping at the Commissary on base.  The other 5% are things I can't find there or one of those 'ack! forgot an ingredient moment' and there is a closer store.  (BTW - Those 'ack!' moments totally piss off couponers) The only other store I frequent on a weekly basis is Walgreens - It's our only nationwide drugstore and I never shopped at one until I started this couponing thing.  I get soooo many things there now it's ridiculous.

Anyway, on occasion, when I get exceptionally good deals on my shopping trips, I get a high five from my husband.  We are a high-five'n kind of couple.  High fives all time, which I normally wouldn't feel the urge to blog about, except this time I got a "Woah, that's crazy!" and a DOUBLE HIGH FIVE.  Yeah. I did good.  I know it.  I'll brag about it.  Double high five baby...

The point of all this... I wanted to give you all the opportunity to see first hand how well couponing can work for you, and in a realistic way.  This isn't 'extreme' couponing.  No tricks, special orders, no rewards/MIR/etc. I didn't purchase extra coupons, I DIDN'T clear the shelves.  I get 3 newspapers every Sunday and print coupons from the internet.  Same as each and every one of you can do.

I want you to guess two things.  How much this would have cost YOU at your local grocery store AND how much you think I paid for it.  I'll come back in a couple of days a let you know how much I really paid.

Here's the picture again (Kitchen Aid not included):
Here is a list of the items above:
Starkist Tuna Salad Pouch
Hinoko Brown Rice
Kikkoman Panko Crumbs
Del Monte Tomato Juice
2 - 13oz Nutella
6 - Nivea Chapstick
Alexia Frozen Sweet Potatoes
Marcal Napkins
5 - Chicken Drumstick Packages (Weighing between 1.25 and 1.5 lbs each)
2 - KY Jelly
No Yolks Egg Noodles
Dozen Extra Large Eggs

So...what do you think? Leave me a comment below of your guestimates!


  1. I'm ashamed to admit how much of a slacker I've become in the couponing game. I think if I just feel the super savings high again, I can get back into it. Perhaps you'll inspire me.

    If I were to purchase those items at Wal-Mart with no coupons, I think I'd spend in the neighborhood of $60. With coupons, I think you paid $11.48.

  2. What I think is I didn't need to see the KY... KC! ;)

  3. Actually Cousin, you wouldn't even believe how many KY moneymakers I've received since I started couponing. They make excellent random gifts for my girlfriends, and fun things to add to birthday gift bags! If you want some, let me know and I'll mail some to ya!

    1. I am getting older and more feeble.