29 February 2012

Couponing - Final Price!

Okay, Okay, all 3 people that commented on my previous post "Shopping Trip Quiz!", I know you've just been dying to know exactly how much I spent on my trip.

First, let's recap for anyone who missed it.

Kacey went shopping for this:
Kacey used coupons like this:
 Kacey came out big like THIS:
Double BAM! (Bam!)
Oh yeah, that's right. $9.42.  NINE Dollars!!! Holllaaa!!! I stood there at the register amazed by myself. The sound of those coupons beeping were music to my ears. 

*Beep* Dollar Off
*Beep* Three Dollars Off
*Beep* Three Dollars Off
*Beep* Dollar Fifty Off

Well, you get the picture.

Here's the items and how I was able to get such a great deal:
  • Starkist Tuna Salad Pouch Free After Coupon
  • Hinoko Brown Rice $.50 After Coupon (Always gotta have rice on hand!)
  • Kikkoman Panko Crumbs $.11 Moneymaker After Coupon
  • Del Monte Tomato Juice No Coupon :( But only $.99) (Bloody Mary Necessity) 
  • 2 - 13oz Nutella $2.26 for both after coupon (Nutella + Nilla Wafers = Addiction)
  • 6 - Nivea Chapstick $.24 Moneymaker EACH after coupons ($1.44 Moneymaker total) (Great things to add to family & friend packages I mail them. Since I got paid for them, they make for nice surprise little gifts for friends when I see them)
  • Alexia Frozen Sweet Potatoes $.94 after coupons (I typically make my own, but it's always handy to have these for those nights that I'm just not going to cook. It happens. Plus, Alexia makes the best frozen potato goodnesses)
  • Marcal Napkins $.99 after coupons (We've gone to using cloth napkins but picked these up seeing that we were going to have visitors soon)
  • 5 - Chicken Drumstick Packages (Weighing between 1.25 and 1.5 lbs each) $.27 - $.01 Moneymakers EACH (This was unique. I always check for reduced price meats and this time, each of these packages had a $1.50 OFF sticker on them.  And they were SUPPOSED to have the sticker on them. So I grabbed all 5 packs.)
  • 2 - KY Jelly $.08 Moneymakers each (Check your mailbox, you never know when you'll get some free KY from me since I often pick this up for $1 moneymakers or even more! Great gifts for friends!)
  • No Yolks Egg Noodles $.59 each after coupon (Not much to say about egg noodles)
  • Dozen Extra Large Eggs No coupon $1.19 (Eggs are eggs)
If you add up those prices they might not come out to exactly $9.42 because at the commissary a surcharge is added to our total (which has been included in my total of $9.42, so technically, I spent even less on these items). It's minimal and it's how they pay for operational costs at our store.  I would gladly pay it any day for savings like this.  

Straight coupon savings, no register rewards, no weird rules to learn, no mail in rebates, no price matching.  Just simply shopping with coupons. I love it!

Does this make you want to coupon?  Do you coupon?  Is it stressful for you or do you enjoy it?


  1. Whoa! I totally thought you had some RR and/or ECBs in there with the lip glosses and KYs. Great savings! I'm way impressed by the chicken. After reading your first coupon post, I was inspired to get back into it. I did a small trip to get my toes wet. It wasn't much to brag about and of course the main thing I wanted ($2.99 Belvitas with $1 coupon and $1.99RR) had already been cleared off the shelves. I do enjoy couponing but find it annoying that we seem to have a lot of shelf cleaners around the 850.

  2. Oh man, do I ever know how the 850 clearing of shelves is. Btw, isn't it weird that the area code I live in now is 580? I'm always mixing those up cause no one here actually adds the area code to anything.

    Anywho, my store didn't carry the Belvitas, which bummed me out too. I just did an inventory of my stockpile and realized I went a little too couponing happy with pain killers, more specifically those damn free St. Joe's aspirin from Walgreens.

    If anyone out there has got a headache, I'm your gal.