25 August 2012

Oklahoma Farmers Market Cheese

If you don't like cheese, please leave.  We can't be friends.  Me and cheese?  We can be friends.  We are friends.  We are such good friends.  Best friends.  Lovers.  That's right, me and cheese are lovers.  Don't worry, Aaron knows about my cheese affair.  He's okay with it.  Sort of.  Except when I bitch and moan that my cheese lover has forced my thighs to grow and it gets tough for me to wedge myself into my jeans.  At times like these, cheese and I need to take a breather from one another.  Not that I would ever break up with cheese.  I couldn't do that, not to cheese, not to myself.  We just need to spend more time apart.  I'll be okay.  It'll be okay.

The cheese above was acquired a few months ago from the Enid, Oklahoma Farmers Market.  Of course, now I don't remember exactly what kind of cheese it was, but I bought two kinds.  I think both were cheddar based, one with sun dried tomatoes and one with bacon.


Oh dear......my voluntarily part-time separation from cheese is going to be rough. 

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  1. Are you giving up cheese? Me too...well dairy. oy!

  2. No, no, no not giving up cheese, just cutting back!