17 August 2012

I Pulled Recipes Out of the Trash

The other day I went to the recycling center, and I got really excited!  Excited as in I felt like I won a big prize!  Excited as in I grabbed a bag out of the dumpster.  Technically, I pulled it out of a paper recycling bin, but even if it were in a dumpster of garbage, I probably still would have taken it.

As I threw in a bag of paper for recycling, I peered into the bin and saw a brown shopping bag FILLED with practically brand new Everyday Food Magazines.  47 practically brand new Everyday Food Magazines.  Awwweeeesoooommmeeee!!!  As you know, I love to coupon and save money.  I also love recipes, cookbooks, and organizing my recipes.  One thing I do not enjoy is purchasing expensive magazines to only use one or two articles/recipes in them.  The few magazines I do get, I always tear out the recipes I want (and put them in my food binder) and pass along the rest to a friend or even the ladies that work at the recycling.  More recycling, saving money, and saving space in my house.  See this pile?
By cutting and clipping, you could condense this stack to this:
That's a lot of saved space, and a lot of free recipes, and a lot of magazines ANOTHER person will enjoy.

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  1. I too have pulled stacks of magazines out of the recycling bin. In my case they were more along the lines of Ladies Home Journal but I felt I was doing my part to "reuse" before we "recycle"

  2. That's awesome!!!! :) I should remember to do that! :)