11 January 2013

Menu Planning: January 11, 2013

First sushi order at Sushi Village with Rach and Bren.
Helllooo 2013!  Our year is starting out with moving out of our apartment (completed yesterday) and staying with family until we stay with more family until we stay with friends until we stay with more family until we leave for Japan.  Or something like that.

But we still need to eat, right?  Although our schedules are going to be pretty wacky, I'm menu planning, and we'll re-arrange days/meals as needed throughout the week.

Speaking of menu planning, I'm trying something new.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have noticed I've been pinning insane amounts of food.  I've been clearing out my starred google reader recipes and pinning them.  It makes it so much easier to view and categorize.  I can actually see an image of the food with whatever description I want, rather then just the title of the original blog post.  I've also been using my Foodgawker account to favorite the recipes on there (same idea as pinterest, but only for images that have been accepted into Foodgawker).

While I'm still using my handy dandy pen and notebook, I've also added a calendar for dinner plan on google calendar.  I use google calendar a lot, and having our dinner plans on there might come in handy, we'll see.  Oh, and I've been using the app Out of Milk to organize my shopping lists.  It syncs to my phone, and I can email the list to my husband if needed. It has a lot of features, and if anyone is interested, I can go into more details about it later. 

So, as of this moment, here's what our meals look like for a few days..

Fri - Chicken Scaloppine (Plum Pie) w/ Mixed Greens & Cheesy Broccoli Orzo (Iowa Girl Eats)
Sat - Chicken & Black Bean Stuffed Burritos (Cooking Light) w/ Poblano Rice (What's Cooking Chicago)
Sun - Baked Ravioli Caprese (Stephanie Cooks) w/ Salad & Garlic Bread
Mon - Dinner Out w/ Friends
Tues - Leftovers
Weds - Turkey Meatloaf (Kacey's Kitcen) w/ Shredded Brussel Sprouts (Adapted from A Full Measure of Happiness)
Thurs - Portabella Mushroom Cheesesteaks (Oh My Veggies) w/ Tator Tots
Fri - Leftovers

What are you having for dinner this next week?  Leave me a comment below!!!

Cousin Time! She was Cpt. Hook and I was Smee.
Me: "Why am I Smee? Do I look like Smee?"
Simone: "Acctualllly...."
It's a good thing she's cute.
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  1. I use the out of milk app as well. I like that you can set up multiple lists because I shop for our produce at a different store. I never thought to use Google calendar for meal planning :-) greasy tip!

  2. Also, In Google Calendar, I just make a separate Calendar (so it's in a different color) for Dinner Plans and then I share it with Aaron, so he knows what going on also.

  3. I need a private tutor in menu and meal planning. See also - shopping for food and actually using everythign up that comes in the "Bountiful Basket" (which is Red Box for us). I'll pay you in a delicious platter of cookies.

  4. I can definitely menu plan remotely. Send me your list of produce and I'll come up with something fun! Who knows, it could be a new feature on the blog!!! And I do accept payments in food.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I'm really excited to check out the Out of Milk app!! By the way I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award- I absolutely love your blog! :) Hope you are doing well!


  6. Chelsea! I'm so glad you've been following my blog! Thank you so much for the award nomination!!!!