18 April 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Anyone who has ever stayed at my parents house knows that my dad is the breakfast man. Usually it's eggs over easy (since I was little, we always called them dip-dip-eggs, does anyone else call them that?). Anyway, usually it's eggs over easy, with awesome home fries, some sort of delicious and greasy meat like sausage or bacon, a selection of fruit, and bread/toast of sorts. Sometimes small pancakes will be thrown into the mix. We don't skimp on food. Ever.

This morning was a little different. We didn't have eggs...at all! My parents really like the eggs here, especially since they go to the 'egg farm' to get them (right down the road), and they taste different. They come from happy country chickens, not bulk raised tortured chickens. They taste happy. Really, try it.

Well, back to my breakfast today. We had blueberry Belgian waffles with sauteed bananas, strawberry's, and sausage patties. It was aweeeeeeesome! If you don't believe me, take a look, you'll be jealous.

P.S. The maple syrup comes from my parents trees. The guy down the road makes it. He lives next to the guy with all the buffalo. It's the country. We love it.


  1. It must run in the family because breakfst is my favorite! You are right about the syrup too - your trees make some yummy stuff - Jim drinks it straight out of the jug like milk! That's a little much...

  2. Those poor tortured chickens. I'm glad your family supports happy hens.