18 April 2009

Mommy & Me

I spent this weekend with my parents. I never feel like I spend enough time with them. The fact that we live 350 miles apart doesn't help, but I try to get home whenever I can. Usually visits consist of cooking, eating, and talking about food. Oh yeah, and we catch up and just hang out together. This weekend, mom and I planned on doing a little cooking. Once she got a look at my blog and the bread I made, she wanted to make some bread too! She had never made bread before (outside of a bread machine), and I probably wouldn't call myself an expert either, since I've only made 2 loaves prior to this weekend. Today was a little overcasting and threating to rain, so it was perfect!

We chose Farmers Bread from The Knead For Bread, you can find step by step instructions there. To be honest, the primary reason for chosing this bread was because in the picture, it looked really pretty. I think my dad was a little skeptical, but everyone was super surprised at the end. We weren't sure what to do with all the bread, but after about a hour, we had eaten almost a whole loaf!

here's the orginal ball of dough, it's tiny

more kneading

ball of dough, ready to rise again!
it almost rose right over the edge! yikes!
See that big bubble in the picture above? My dad wanted to poke that really bad. I don't blame him.

and here it is! the bread!
We meant to make straight loaves, but our pizza stone was too small so we curved them a bit. I think it gave it character.


I'm full.

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