14 April 2009

Happiest Cake Ever

So last week I signed up for The Wilton Cake Decorating Class 1. I've been trying to do this class for the past few years, but not enough people ever sign up. But not this time!!! I knew this class was going to be full of boring colors and even lamer (is that a word?) decorating. But I thought hey, I'm always up for something corny (not to mention I could use some tips on using a pastry bag).

This week I could either chose to do a character cake, or a 8" cake with a rainbow on it. And since they didn't have a Goonies cake pan, I chose to do the rainbow. Talk about corny, and cheesy, and HAPPY! It's such a lame decoration job, and I love it. But I couldn't really make it entirely lame, so I spruced up it's insides. And I'm rebelling and not using pastel colors. Let's take a look:

bowls of cake batter

the coloring!!!

the rainbow bright fingertips

layered multicolored cake batter...ready for the oven

the cake

happy cake!!!

Don't mind the smudge on the blue icing, I had to transport around with me all day, and it still needs to travel tomorrow so it's not going to get fixed. Plus who cares, my coworkers are like a pack of hungry wolves, they'll eat anything.

the guts!

slices for my friends



  1. Shannon Light (Cousin Shannon - Best Cousin EVER!)April 20, 2009 at 2:12 PM

    OMG - I LOVE that! You'll need to come to SF to teach me personally.

  2. That is a happy cake :)
    Send me a slice!!