02 June 2009

Sugar Cookies & Royal Icing are Awesome!!!

I've found my new fun dessert. Sugar cookies with royal icing. I know it doesn't sound that exciting, but I don't remember the last time I made sugar cookies. It's been a long long time.

It all started when last week I spotted a box of 101 cookie cutters at A.C. Moore. I couldn't resist. If you've talked to me in the past week, you'll know how excited I got about the stupid cookie cutters. I wasn't sure to buy the 'variety pack' or the 'animals'. It took me 3 days to decide and I opted for the variety pack because it included holiday, letters, numbers, AND animals. Most importantly dinosaurs. Dinosaurs rock! But you know what? I'm just gonna go back and get the animal pack anyway (they're too cute not to!)

mr. fishy & stars

I had never used royal icing like this before and I quickly realized that I took on a task larger than I asked for. I had this big plan in my head to do all different shapes and animals and letters, then I realized what a mess I was making using so many colors. So all of my cookies (about 40 of them) were bright green, black, brown, white, and red. And although they weren't as varied as I wanted, they came out really awesome.

I found the recipe for the cookies & icing at Annies Eats. You can find the cookie recipe here. And the royal icing recipe here
. The only thing that I changed about the recipe was the ratio of almond extract to vanilla extract. Even though I love almond extract, and find it is very important to put in these cookies for a distinct taste, sometimes it could be overpowering. I just lowered the amount of almond, and raised the amount of vanilla. And then I ate a lot of cookie dough.

my favorite, t-rex. I broke off
his arm so I had to draw one on.
then I ate his arm.
this is rusty. dianas dog.
this is mr. bernard, he lives in my sisters yard.
hopefully he didn't get hit by that car.
I can't wait for an excuse to make these again. I have big plans for sugar cookies & royal icing. Big, Big Plans.....

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  1. dude... i heart you. not in a queer way, you are just the best person ever to exist.