28 June 2009

Yard Sale Cupcakes

I moved out of state yesterday. Moved away from my itty-bitty kitchen, into a full sized, fully stocked, kitchen complete with lots of counter space!, a dishwasher!, a commercial sized fridge!, and lots of gadgets! So get ready for some great meals from Kaceys Kitchen! And lots of exclamation points!!!!

In order to prepare for my move, I needed to get rid of almost everything I owned. Part of the plan was to have my first yard sale! Everything goes. I helped promote this by advertising in the paper (aka prior place of employment) and signs around town that this yard sale would be awesome, and amazing, and it would have baked goods!!! Who could pass that up? So my mom came to help and brought some of her famous homemade chocolate chip cookies (which turned out so superb that they didn't last long enough to take a picture...oh yeah, and I'm a bad daughter and totally forgot), and I made some cupcakes. See my post on Layoff Cupcakes for the recipe.

The yard sale was a huge success, thanks for asking, we made over $450 in one days worth of work! In the beginning of the day, cupcakes and cookies were $1, and around noon we changed it to 'Free Cupcake With Purchase'. I was pretty impressed when people would buy something just so they could get a free cupcake.

Here are the lessons I learned at the yard sale:
1) People love free things.
2) People will buy anything if you mark it $.25 or $.50...ANYTHING...
3) People will buy so much junk it's ridiculously funny.

The thing that surprised me were the things that people didn't buy. I had a bunch of kitchenware that was brand new in the box and priced crazy low just to get it out of my hands. That stuff didn't move. But if you give them something used and abused that isn't worth a dime, they'll pay $10 for it! I don't get it. But you know what...goodwill totally made out, and if you want some good stuff, I'd go to the one in Augusta if I were you.

Oh and if you have a yard sale...watch out for those crazy yard sale old ladies...you'll know who they are when you see them. When they are on the hunt for crap...you'd best stay out of their way...

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