07 October 2009

A Broken Blogger

You know how some days just don't go the way you want them to? Well, for me, Sunday was that day. About a month ago I joined a roller derby team. (Pretty freakin' awesome, huh? I still think so - keep reading.) It's actually just a few of us right now, starting up a team in central Vermont called The ChampPain Rollers. Anywho...as we figure out the details of recruiting and forming a team, we've been skating and practicing. And what better way to help teach us, then to sign up for a derby skate clinic with other teams, right? That was the idea anyway.

Well...we learned something alright. We learned how to get our asses not just beat, but pummeled to the ground (literally) during a practice. From our 3 gal team, 2 of us went. And 2 of us ended up at the ER within 3 hours of skating. We ended up having a decent time at the hospital, once they put us in the same room. Kristy (derby name TBD) was a trooper when she did an insane chest/face plant, fracturing her hand, resulting from her receiving a crazy-ass 'whip'. About an hour later, I received a nice little 'bump' from someone, tossing me out of bounds, and somehow landing on top of my ankle. I'm not sure how it happened, it happened so fast, I just remember my ankle bending in ways an ankle should never, ever, EVER bend...and when I tried to move out of the way...my foot kinda just dangled and flopped. My first thought naturally, "Oh...Fuck." I ended up fracturing/breaking my right ankle in two spots. I meet with a surgeon on Monday. Woo!

my view for a while...
L&O:SVU marathons will totally help...

So here I sit, trying to get used to sitting all day, I think I'm safe to assume I will be doing that for quite a while. I sit thinking of what I can do about my blog since I won't be standing in the kitchen too often the next couple of weeks. One idea is to turn Kacey's Kitchen into a dictatorship, I can sit on my ass with my leg propped up and tell everyone else how to cook my meals and have them feed me my vicodin. But then when I pass out, they'll probably just run, leaving me high and dry...I mean hungry. It might make for some funny stories on here. Another idea is to try to bake/cook things from sitting down, having my wonderful, loving, caring, helpful mom do the running around and grabbing ingredients for me (a likely scenario). I could also blog about other things, like the foodie books I've been reading, food other people make for me, foods I want to make, and maybe some things that aren't food related. I guess we will all find out what happens...I do have time to think about it. What I'm getting to is, have no fear...Kacey's Kitchen will go on. After all, a broken food blogger is better than no blogger at all.


  1. WHAT?!?! Crazy girl, you've got to be careful!!! Can't wait to hear the roller-derby name you come up with now!!

    Take care of that ankle!


  2. OMG!!! I hope things will work out O.K., I can't think of my Kacey being out of commission for very long. Please re-think the skating thingy!!!!

    I love you,
    Aunt Pat

  3. Are you fucking kidding me?! Girrrl you're bananas. I vote for writing about food books so I know which ones to pass by and which ones to pick up! I suspect your good reads list is going to be changing a lot.

  4. You could also work on creating the dollar to yum ratio chart we've been talking about and I've been too lazy to create. :-)

    I'm sorry to hear you broke yourself...but, unlike my Mom's advice above, you best suck it up and git yo ass back on those skates...just maybe get some health insurance first.

    ALSO - call your cuz, we gots some things to discuss...