21 March 2012

New Noodle Bowl!

I know it's March already, and the second day of spring and all, but I thought I'd get around to showing you this really cool bowl that my sister got me for New Years!!!  Really, she got both Aaron and I one, his is black ceramic and I don't have a decent picture of it.

I have been wanting one of these bowls for YEARS.  Seriously, probably going on nearly 8 years or so.  It was just one of those things that I didn't want to buy for myself but always looked at.  Apparently my sister has been wanting to get me these bowls for nearly as long.  Rachael has this thing about bowls as gifts, and I totally love it.  See the Octopus soup bowl (aka yarn bowl) she got me for my birthday that I posted here.

This bowl fits perfectly in my hands, see that great little thumb hole on the left?  It's perfect for anything, but especially soupy noodles.  See how the front (bottom of picture) of the bowl is curved out?  That's for slurping up the broth and noodles.  It's like a giant mug that hangs on your thumb and has built in chopstick holders!

Thanks sister!!! And I can't wait until you come visit in a few weeks and we can eat out of all the fun things you've bought us for the kitchen!!!! Love you!

Is anyone else obsessed with bowls or other specific dinnerware?  Do you primarily use a certain bowl, dish, or glass just because it's your favorite?


  1. i neeeeed one of those!

  2. Absolutely love this bowl! I do have one certain spoon I love to use and a dragonfly bowl that I use for just about everything!

  3. Oh my gosh Megan, I'm so glad you posted a comment so I could find your blog. I LOVE funfetti and those cheesecake bars look amazing! I look forward to checking out more of your site!